Rene Bach

About the Work Dead

Working with students to create their visual identity for their degree show website is a challenge and a joy as their 'out-of-the-box' thinking needs to be tamed and also pushes the boundaries.
Every year we re-use the same old and basic CMS system I developed for my first commission with the Faculty of Art Design and Architecture in 2007. The CMS allows adding students to the database including attaching an image with their profile. The database also feeds the individual fashion show website.


The University stopped supporting these funky sites in 2010.

About Rene Bach

Born 22nd June 1976 in Silkeborg, Denmark and attended art school at Kent Institute of Art & Design, Maidstone, UK.

I have been developing web application to improve life for students and staff at Kingston University since 2007 and are now seeking new challenges. Want to 'Code for Good' to try and help making a better and much more sustainable society. Love quality of life and have enjoyed cycling to work along the River Thames!

″My Danish roots have influenced my simple and minimalistic approach to design & Develpment.″

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