Rene Bach

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About the Work

To celebrate Eadward Muybridge strong connection with Kingston; this research project was put together as a joint effort. My part was developing a back-end to allow a content provider to input data for each individual Muybridge collection in the world and allow for tagging each collection for optimised search opportunity for the research users coming to the site. The input data included latitude and longitude coordinates, which was utilised as xml date to feed the google map.

About Rene Bach

Born 22nd June 1976 in Silkeborg, Denmark and attended art schools at Kent Institute of Art & Design, Maidstone, UK.

When I am not brewing up another concept for a web aplication to improve life for students and staff at Kingston University, then you might find me out training for yet another halfmarathon. Love quality of life and cycling to work along the River Thames!

″My Danish roots have influenced my simple and minimalistic approach to design. K.I.S.S!″

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