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About the Work

The faculty of science approached our team for a new staff profile system, which would be displayed on their faculty website. I developed a back-end allowing the content provider to create basic staff profiles, which would include an staff profile picture and basic information. The content provider could then use the system to alert the staff member, that their profile has been setup and they could use their university login credentials to login to their profile page. Here they can updated more specific information, which then has to be validated centrally before being made available for the external profile page.
To allow quicker validation, specific updated section has been highlighted within the admin area; this also allow the profile to remain active throughout, but with non-validated section not been show. This is mainly to ensure incorrect credentials and details are not being added to staff profile without head of school knowing.
The systems has recently been updated to incorporate research students and allocate them to research staff members.

About Rene Bach

Born 22nd June 1976 in Silkeborg, Denmark and attended art schools at Kent Institute of Art & Design, Maidstone, UK.

When I am not brewing up another concept for a web aplication to improve life for students and staff at Kingston University, then you might find me out training for yet another halfmarathon. Love quality of life and cycling to work along the River Thames!

″My Danish roots have influenced my simple and minimalistic approach to design. K.I.S.S!″

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