Rene Bach

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About the Work

During my second year at Kent Institute of Art & design I was approached to design a personal website for the then College director Vaughan Grylls. The website has since then been updated and expanded considerably. And was completely revamp in 2011 from a flash based website to a dynamic php site. It is a non-database driven site, but utilising a simplistic folder structure and php array to imitate a Content Management System. Due to the complexity of his worked required heavy customisation of specific artworks; utilise an existing systems like Wordpress would have been shooting sparrow with canons.

About Rene Bach

Born 22nd June 1976 in Silkeborg, Denmark and attended art schools at Kent Institute of Art & Design, Maidstone, UK.

When I am not brewing up another concept for a web aplication to improve life for students and staff at Kingston University, then you might find me out training for yet another halfmarathon. Love quality of life and cycling to work along the River Thames!

″My Danish roots have influenced my simple and minimalistic approach to design. K.I.S.S!″

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